Find the Right Rehabilitation Center for Physical Therapy

Useful Tips to Help You Choose 

After an injury, your doctor may recommend physical therapy for pain relief. If the injury has affected your mobility or range of movement, therapy can help with restoration. Most of these treatments are conducted over an extended period of time and typically involve a commitment of three sessions per week.  If you or your loved one are in need of a physical therapist, you want to find a clinic that is close to your residence or place of work and offers timings that suit your schedule.  

While timings and location conveniences are important, you may also have to consider several other factors to choose the right rehabilitation center. Since physical therapy is considered a blend of science, art and experience, finding the right therapist makes a huge impact on the duration and effectiveness of your recovery. Read our list about the various aspects that you should think about when you are deciding where to go for physical therapy.

Essential Tips for Finding the Best Physical Therapy Center Near You

  • Check References: If your doctor has not recommended a specific therapist, you will need to do your research by talking to friends, neighbors, co-workers, or looking up clinics online. Often, your social circle may be the best source to get first-hand reviews about a skilled physical therapist near you. If you are looking at online sites, evaluate the credentials of the therapist and look for reviews of past patients. 
  • Ask Questions: Some clinics may focus more on sports injuries, others may specialize in addressing neck and back problems, while some others may be experts in post-surgery rehabilitation. When you call the clinic: 
    • Ask if they have trained and certified therapists who can address your specific needs.
    • Check whether you will be assigned a dedicated therapist, or you may be seeing a different person for each appointment. Ideally, having the same physical therapist for each session will not only ensure your physical comfort, but also ensure consistency of the approach and treatment.
    • Feel free to ask more details about the experience and certifications of the therapist who will be treating you. 
    • Inquire whether the clinic participates with your insurance program and company and check whether they will pre-verify and submit claims on your behalf. You may also want to know beforehand about the approximate number of sessions and total fees that will be covered through your insurance plan. This will give you some indication of the expenses that you may have to bear on your own. 
    • If time is of the essence for your treatment, consider how quickly you can get an appointment. 
    • Ask about the various types of equipment available on the premises. Most of the outpatient physical therapy clinics offer basic therapies such as thermal, sound and electrical. However, if your treatment requires specific equipment, exercise machines, or a pool for water therapy, be sure to check that before you begin treatment. 
  • Evaluate the Center: If you wish to tour the premises before beginning therapy, make a request to do so. Most reputable practices would be happy to arrange a visit for prospective customers. When you tour the therapy center, check the overall ambience, cleanliness, friendliness and professionalism of the staff.
  • Meet Your Physical Therapist: Even after booking your first appointment, you do not have to be stuck with the same clinic if you do not feel comfortable with the therapist.  You could assess the therapist based on the time and effort taken to study your reports, explain your condition to you, outline your treatment path, and answer all your queries.


At Medical Rehabilitation Centers of Pennsylvania (MRCP), we offer a wide range of physical therapy treatments, with extensive experience in orthopedic and manual therapy skills. Through comprehensive, multidimensional evaluations, our licensed therapists will create individualized care plans that alleviate your pain and restore your function and mobility.

If you are searching for a rehabilitation center for physical therapy in and around Philadelphia or the Greater Philadelphia Area, reach out to MRCP. Contact us at the location of your choice or fill out our online form to book an appointment.

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