Whether you undergo surgery for managing a condition, or treating an injury, physiotherapy plays an important role in pre-operative conditioning and post-operative rehabilitation. When it comes to emergency surgery, there is not much that you can do prior to the operation. However, with elective surgery, you have the time and scope to adopt the necessary measures that ensure the best possible post-surgical outcomes. 

Pre-Operative Measures

Your healthcare professionals will take into account various risk factors that could impact the surgery, including:

  • Your medical history and any circulatory or respiratory problems 
  • Age, weight or other issues that could work against successful outcomes
  • Any existing injuries, disabilities, movement restrictions that could cause complications

The fitter and stronger you are prior to your surgery, the better are your chances of minimizing post-operative complications and speeding up your recovery. From staying active and eating well, to losing weight and quitting smoking or drinking, you can take several steps prior to a planned surgery. Additionally, pre-operative physiotherapy will help in:

  • Reducing existing aches or inflammation to minimize post-surgical discomfort. 
  • Strengthening joints and muscles to facilitate faster recovery.
  • Learning and practicing the exercises or postural correction movements that are required during the post-surgical recovery period.

Post-Operative Measures: Post-operative physiotherapy aims to accelerate healing, reduce pain and swelling, improve flexibility and mobility, and strengthen muscles and joints. Your physiotherapist will perform a thorough evaluation and draw up a comprehensive treatment plan for restoration of movement and function. 

At Medical Rehabilitation Centers of Pennsylvania (MRCP), our qualified therapists have access to multi-dimensional diagnostics, as well as the latest physical therapy techniques. Serving clients in and around Philadelphia, we create tailor-made plans to address every individual’s specific needs and concerns both, before and after a surgical procedure.

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